Baseball Honours Jackie Robinson

Baseball honours Jackie Robinson

On Sunday 15th April, Baseball teams everywhere paid tribute to Jackie Robinson. This was in honour of the 65th anniversary of the day when Robinson broke baseball’s colour barrier by becoming the first African-American to appear in a Major League Baseball game. Throughout his whole baseball career, he ended up appearing in a total of 1,382 games and scoring 947 runs. Jackie first took to the ball-park for the Dodgers on 15th April 1947, after meeting the owner of the team, Branch Rickey. Rickey had been looking to integrate baseball for a while and when he met Robinson, he reportedly knew straight-away that he was the man for the job.

Robinson met with criticism from both fans and opposing players alike, but his great temperament and fantastic skills got him through. His success paved the way for hundreds of other African-American players to be integrated into Baseball, making his skills and bravery so valuable. This is why on 15th April every year baseball players, managers and fans, whether they are watching a game or playing on, should all remember Jackie Robinson and honour his memory. This year Baseball teams followed a four-year long tradition of everyone including payers, managers and coaches, wearing the number 42 which was famously Robinson’s own number.

This year every team took the field, with a full slate of Major League games. The 15 ballparks were filled with players wearing the number 42, and fans cheering them on. Many players voiced their gratitude to Robinson and said how honoured they were to be able to wear the significant number. In his starting game, Robinson played first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers, at old Ebbets Field. The field has since been demolished, however what that day meant for Baseball, and indeed America as a whole will never be forgotten.

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