BW Weekly Content Churn/What I’m Reading — Oct. 29-Nov. 4

Hi friends. The website was down for a bit while the back-end needed some work, but now that we’re back let’s get back down to business.

I will also use this as an opportunity to flood this page with pictures of my beautiful daughter — in this instance, with me and her uncle Cody.

Here’s this week’s content churn as I keep you up-to-date with everything I’m working on. I’ll also add what I’ve been reading to help share good work I see, and a new wrinkle will be each week’s must-listen and the best tweets that I see.

Direct questions/comments/etc. to @Brandon_Warne on twitter.

This week’s must-listen is from the introduction to MLB the Show 2017:

Sunday – Oct. 29

Monday – Oct. 30

Tuesday – Oct. 31

Wednesday – Nov. 1

Thursday – Nov. 2

Friday – Nov. 3

Saturday – Nov. 4

Best Tweets

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