The Esoteric NFL Jersey Experiment

I’ve been thinking about ways to inject a little more creativity or character into my life, and I think I’ve come up with a pretty good thing. I work at an office in downtown Minneapolis for a sports company, so it’s generally the kind of place where guys and gals wear jerseys, team-specific hoodies and hats.

So what can I do that’s a little different?

I’d like to try an experiment where I try to find the oddest NFL jerseys to wear to work. Can I get my hands on a No. 2 Tim Couch Browns jersey? Great! A Jerry Rice Seattle Seahawks jersey? Wonderful!

I’m not sure what kind of life this can take on, but if you have any way you want to help — or any of those jerseys just taking up space in your house that you want to get rid of, or any sort of lead on an exceptionally weird one — I’m all ears.

I could probably fit into XLs right now but XXL would be best, so if you see deals or anything feel free to send them my way via a number of different outlets.

Email: brandon.r.warne-at-gmail-dot-com
Twitter: https//

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

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