These Are the Things (I think) I Know: MLB 2015

Hey, hey….it’s Opening Day (for 28 teams who didn’t play last night). Before things get started in an hour or so, I just wanted to go over some bullet points of things that I think will happen as another illustrious baseball season plays out. No analysis here, just unfiltered hot takes. Feel free to chime in below. I’m going to start in the AL East and work my way around the league:

* Boston will be pretty good, but only as good as that rotation allows.
* The Yankees won’t be good. In fact, they may finish last.
* Tampa Bay will be better than most people think. Over .500, even.
* Toronto will be good, but will fall short of the division crown unless they find another starter from outside, or within (Sanchez-Norris).
* Baltimore is going to be sneaky good again despite starting its best starter in the bullpen (Gausman).

* Cleveland is the class of the AL Central, but it’ll be tight.
* The White Sox will be over .500, which by default means in the race.
* Detroit’s window closes after this season. I don’t think they’ll sign David Price, either.
* Kansas City will finish under .500, and that is terribly sad.
* It will get worse before it gets better in Minnesota. The second half should be better than the first, though.

* Houston will surprise some people. It’s a fun roster, and they could finish at .500.
* Seattle is probably the most talented team in the AL top to bottom, but like every other team has its warts. I think they might go to the World Series.
* The Angels are pretty good, but not as good as everyone thinks. I’ve seen a lot of World Series buzz. I’ll say 87-88 wins.
* Oakland finds a way to get it done again despite a weird offseason. I’m looking forward to Ben Zobrist in green and gold.
* Times are tough in Texas, but Rougned Odor will be fun to watch this year.

* Atlanta is going to be really, really bad.
* Philadelphia is going to be worse.
* I really like the Marlins this year. 90 wins.
* The Mets will go as far as their young pitching carries them, assuming they get the opportunities. Wheeler’s injury was a bad break. They could win 85 games, though. I’ll take the slight under.
* The Nationals are going to win the World Series (over the Mariners).

* The Cubs will experience some growing pains at first, but nobody will want to play them after the All Star break. Maybe sooner.
* Cincinnati will sell off at the break. Not before the All Star Game, though.
* Milwaukee will be sneaky good. Maybe second wild card good.
* St. Louis is the class of the division, and will sign Jason Heyward to a huge deal and it’ll still look like a bargain when all is said and done. They’ll lose to Washington in the playoffs.
* Pittsburgh has the best outfield in the game, and will be the top wild card team.

* Arizona won’t be as bad as you think. They’ll still pick in the top 10 in next year’s draft.
* Colorado will lose way more than a team with Troy Tulowitzki — who will finally stay healthy — and Carlos Gonzalez — he won’t — should. This might be the year they trade Tulo for a ton at the deadline.
* The Dodgers cruise to the division title with 95 wins.
* San Diego is right in the thick of it until the end, but loses out on the second wild card to Miami.
* San Francisco takes a step back, but gets a really nice season from Justin Maxwell, oddly. They’ll win 84 games, and just miss the second wild card by three or four games.

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  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    On track for some, less so for others. No ones’ crystal ball is perfect!

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