Twins Winter Meetings “Pick 4” Contest (Beat Me, Win a Prize)

I thought it might be fun to attempt to break a traffic record today, so how about a contest?

Pick 4:

Pick the four free agents you think the Twins are most likely to leave the Winter Meetings with. If you beat me, you win a prize from my vast collection of books and mementos.

Also, pick a ‘sudden death’ free agent. It can be someone from your list, and if no one signs with the Twins prior to the end of the Winter Meetings, the next free agent to sign wins.

Only one winner. Please rank you players in order of likelihood, with a contract figure for player one. That will act as the tiebreaker. Additionally, in order to comment on you have to have one approved comment. This will be a way to get more people approved for immediate commenting.

My list (any free agent is eligible):

John Lannan (one year, $5 million), Joe Blanton, Jair Jurrjens, Joel Pineiro

Sudden Death: Lannan.

Best of luck everyone!

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4 Responses to Twins Winter Meetings “Pick 4” Contest (Beat Me, Win a Prize)

  1. Ben Antal says:

    Joe Blanton (two years, $13 million), Brandon McCarthy, Brett Myers, Kelly Johnson

    Sudden Death: Francisco Liriano

  2. Cody Warne says:

    John Lannan (2 yrs $9.5 m)Brett Myers, joe Blanton, Brandon McCarthy sudden death Francisco Liriano

  3. Benjamin Northrop says:

    Joe Blanton 2 yrs 11m John Lannon Brett Myers Kevin Correia

    Sudden Death: Blanton

  4. Chris Finstad says:

    McCarthy, Jurrjens, Blanton, Lannan

    Sudden Death: Franchise (I say that nickname with extreme sarcasm)

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