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Intro, redux:

I’m a big OOTP enthusiast. If you’re unfamiliar with OOTP, it stands for Out of The Park, a baseball simulation game in which the owner/GM of a team pretty much controls every aspect imaginable.

My favorite OOTP game is 6.5, a far cry from OOTP13, which is the most recently produced edition. An OOTP 6.5 online league looks like this: www.dheis.com/HSBL/

As you can see, players are ranked in a veritable plethora of categories. I, being the dork that I am, think it could be fun to make dummy pages, or rankings of the Twins in their current state.”

Today, let’s look at the starting pitchers — of which there are very few. I’m just going to do present talents, though it might be fun in the future to look at future potential too. These are on the 100 point scale.

Scott Diamond: 50 stuff – 65 control – 80 movement

Diamond would probably have a about a 60 in ground ball rate on the game, and would maybe be a 2.5 overall. Diamond looks the part of a no. 4 starter, and I think that’s a pretty fair assessment.

Cole DeVries: 55 stuff – 75 control – 40 movement

The home run rates from DeVries’ 2012 season would absolutely derail his big league career. In all honest, he’d probably have to get down to at least 1.3 to have a shot as a fringy no. 5. DeVries’ ground ball number would probably be something like 30-35. DeVries would likely be a 1.5 overall.

Brian Duensing: 80 stuff- 80 control – 80 movement v. LHH/50 stuff – 50 control – 65 movement v. RHH

Duensing is absolutely nasty to LHH; the Twins should probably quit pretending he’s anything other than a LOOGY or mopup guy. Actually, the Twins did a little better to keep him from facing twice as many righties as lefties in 2012, but not by much. This should still be more of a focus. Duensing is a 1.5 starter, but possibly a 2.5 or 3.0 reliever if used correctly.

Anthony Swarzak: 55 stuff – 60 control – 50 movement

Swarzak’s movement took a step back last season, as he allowed an insane 1.4 HR/9. Not quite DeVries-like, but bad enough to make him a fringe-MLB arm. Swarzak probably has 45-55 endurance right now, but that could ratchet to 55-60 if he were stretched out. He’s a 1.0.

Liam Hendriks: 55 stuff – 65 control – 40 movement

Hendriks and DeVries are kindred spirits when it comes to allowing long balls; I feel as though Liam has potential to exhibit 80 control, but he’d really have to reach his ceiling. Oddly, he was extremely stingy on HR in the minors (like his minor league rating would be in the 70s). His ceiling is probably 60-80-60, but at this point it could be awfully hard to reach with his fringy stuff. He’ll probably settle in about 55-70-50. Useful? Maybe.

Kyle Gibson: 65 stuff – 75 control – 75 movement

It’s truly hard to gauge just where Gibson is at this point, but it looks as though he could be a dandy no. 3. He could touch 70 on stuff, and 80 in each of the final two categories. That might make him the ace of the current staff, though he won’t get that chance until 2014 at the earliest due to innings limits. Gibson’s ceiling is probably as a 3.0 or 3.5 overall.

I know what you’re thinking; yep, that’s it for starters on the 40-man. A guy like Deduno would probably be a 75-45-55. In other words, not too useful.

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