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From last post, the intro:

I’m a big OOTP enthusiast. If you’re unfamiliar with OOTP, it stands for Out of The Park, a baseball simulation game in which the owner/GM of a team pretty much controls every aspect imaginable.

My favorite OOTP game is 6.5, a far cry from OOTP13, which is the most recently produced edition. An OOTP 6.5 online league looks like this: www.dheis.com/HSBL/

As you can see, players are ranked in a veritable plethora of categories. I, being the dork that I am, think it could be fun to make dummy pages, or rankings of the Twins in their current state.”

Today, let’s look at the infield. I’m just going to do present talents, though it might be fun in the future to look at future potential too. These are on the 100 point scale.

Joe Mauer: 95 contact – 65 gap – 55 power – 95 eye – 80 avoid K’s

This one is pretty easy to defend; Mauer makes a ton of contact, and is superb in the eye and avoid K’s department. Overall, a terrific OOTP type.

Justin Morneau: v. RHP 70 contact – 50 gap – 85 power – 50 eye – 50 avoid K’s/v. LHP 45 contact – 55 gap – 65 power – 35 eye – 35 avoid K’s

I did a split for Morneau, and quite frankly I should have done one for Plouffe as well. Morneau is completely inept against lefties but luckily there’s plenty of remedy for this (as long as Gardenhire will allow). Simply platoon Mauer at first base and Doumit behind the plate while sitting Morneau — for a later PH attempt, perhaps — and the situation is solved.

Ryan Doumit: 65 contact – 65 gap – 60 power – 40 eye – 50 avoid K’s

Doumit is just rather solid across the board. Probably a 2.5 player in OOTP terms.

Trevor Plouffe: 50 contact – 55 gap – 80 power – 55 eye – 40 avoid K’s

The contact stat might even be high on Plouffe, but he may have 90 power versus lefties too. Hopefully he grows into a more stable ballplayer, because the Twins are desperate for one at the hot corner.

Jamey Carroll: 85 contact – 35 gap – 5 power – 70 eye – 70 avoid K’s

Surprised Carroll’s contact is this good? Me too, but checking his contact rates make it all make sense. He’s probably a 1.5-2.0 star talent, with 60+ range across the diamond. A very nice bit player.

Pedro Florimon: 40 contact – 55 gap – 25 power – 40 eye – 40 avoid K’s

As a career minor leaguer it is sort of difficult to gauge Florimon’s actual talents presently. He probably has 85 range and a really strong arm. In real life, the Twins would do well to try make him a utility guy, because he seems stretched as a full-timer, even at SS. Florimon is a 2.5 prospect.

Eduardo Escobar: 50 contact – 50 gap – 15 power – 25 eye – 50 avoid K’s

Similar to Florimon in a ton of ways — including difficulty to project — Escobar would have a little more position flexibility but less overall talent. He’s a 2.0 prospect.

Drew Butera: 60 contact – 50 gap – 15 power – 30 eye – 30 avoid K’s

He really does make a lot of contact. I’m not joking. Probably an 80 range, 80 arm catcher. He could be a 1.5 overall, but might be more useful with these stats than his real life tools.

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