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I’m a big OOTP enthusiast. If you’re unfamiliar with OOTP, it stands for Out of The Park, a baseball simulation game in which the owner/GM of a team pretty much controls every aspect imaginable.

My favorite OOTP game is 6.5, a far cry from OOTP13, which is the most recently produced edition. An OOTP 6.5 online league looks like this: www.dheis.com/HSBL/

As you can see, players are ranked in a veritable plethora of categories. I, being the dork that I am, think it could be fun to make dummy pages, or rankings of the Twins in their current state.

Today, let’s look at the outfield. I’m just going to do present talents, though it might be fun in the future to look at future potential too. These are on the 100 point scale.

Josh Willingham: 55 contact – 65 gap – 90 power – 85 eye – 40 avoid K’s

‘Hammer has terrific power, doesn’t make a ton of contact, strikes out quite a bit, but does so with a really good eye. I’d probably give him about 35-40 range in LF, and about a 75-80 arm.

Denard Span: 75 contact – 80 gap – 35 power – 80 eye – 80 avoid K’s

Span’s great at making contact, actually had a bunch of doubles this season, and only really showed an “OOTP hole” in the power department. I’d say he’s about 85 range in CF, with about a 50 arm.

Ben Revere: 90 contact – 40 gap – 5 power – 50 eye – 90 avoid K’s

Revere would be super useful in OOTP, I think. He probably has 95 range about about a 15 arm.

Chris Parmelee: 55 contact – 70 gap – 60 power – 45 eye – 40 avoid K’s

Parmelee is tough, because I’d imagine his contact in the future would be about 60-65, with a 75 gap, 65-70 power, and probably not much more in the eye or avoid K’s departments. Parmelee wouldn’t stand out defensively in any way, but could be a 55-60 range first baseman.

Darin Mastroianni: 65 contact – 50 gap – 40 power – 55 eye – 40 avoid K’s

Mastroianni in OOTP would be about as useful as in real life. He probably has 70ish range across the outfield with a decent arm, and isn’t a bat that’d kill you. Solid guy overall.

So….if you have experience in OOTP, what would you say to these rankings? If not, I’d still love to hear it….@Brandon_Warne on Twitter!

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