To take a step back from the seriousness of the Paterno post/situation, I would also like to take this time to ask my readers/followers if they work out, and what workouts they do to keep in shape? 

The more I chat with my Twitter pals, the more I find out we have in common. Lately, I’ve wanted to find out some more workout methods, and have had some pretty good luck chatting with people like Joe Pawlikowski (a FanGraphs colleague) among others. So today, I’d like to lay out my workout plan, and hear back if some others think it’s good, bad, or can be altered. Additionally, I want to hear what you’re doing too, so I can maybe switch it up and keep my increasingly less fat body guessing!

I call my workout the 3/4 plan:

Day 1 – Two mile run.
Day 2 – Full body lift.
Day 3 – One mile run/Cardio lift.
Day 4 – Rest day.

For pre-workout, I mix Jack3d or similar equivalent with 8 oz of water, about 3-4 oz of pomegranate juice, and an envelope of Emergen-C.

For post-workout, in addition to eating dinner, I make a protein shake with 8-10 oz of milk, one Chobani yogurt, one scoop of protein powder, and a bit of flax.

As for eating, I’ve tried to incorporate more protein into my diet, but have kept my fluid intake up, and have also tried to cut back on sugary drinks, with mixed results.

My guess is that I’m about 10 pounds lighter than my wedding day, and I started working out hard about a month after that (so, roughly 6-8 weeks into it).

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Send me your workouts too!

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  1. You are extremely talented, I read your stuff more than you think I read your stuff.
    There is not one aspect of your skills I would change, especially the hidden humor and occasional sarcasm.

    I watched you develop as a 15 year old, very proud of you.

  2. I appreciate that a whole hell of a lot, Bill.

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