A Little Me Time

I’ve done my best the past few weeks to keep the site updated on a pretty much daily basis. I hope you all have enjoyed it – even the part where I talked on camera. Today, my post is going to focus a bit on what’s going on in my life – I can hear the mass exodus from my page – and what I’ve done lately.

I’ve broadcasted football all season, and am looking forward to the State Tournament which starts this weekend, before it makes its way to the Metrodome for the second round and then, the Prep Bowl. I get a nice, brief respite this weekend as our game was ‘preempted’ so to speak, so rather than calling the EP-Anoka game, I’ll be spending time with my family.

The biggest recent news going for me was that I was granted an internship with Bleacher Report. I know the stigma that goes with BR, but for me it’s about putting my stamp on something (to make BR the best it can be, as well), beefing up my resume, and also helping my family financially. This definitely allows me to do that. My role will be helping coordinate the Guest Columnist program at BR, and in doing so I’ll be chatting with athletes and celebrities about submitting work for our guest columnist program. I also may end up editing their content, but I’m not entirely clear on all the details yet. I should be filing my official paperwork in the next day or so.

In addition to still plugging away here, I’ve also been penning a weekly column at FanGraphs and some sporadic columns at NotGraphs, which is a subsidiary site of FG. I wrote a column for each of them yesterday, and forgot to link to them on my video blog post from yesterday. In yesterday’s FanGraphs column, I eulogized Bill Smith, and broke down some of his personnel decisions and how they materialized his demise. At NotGraphs, I wrote a brief post on the epic Yoenis Cespedes training video that ‘leaked’ this week. Nonetheless, you can see I’m really enjoying my time with the FanGraphs family.

I will also be resuming my writing at Upper Deck Report, 612Sports.net, and GameOn! here in the next week or so, probably by publishing my Liam Hendriks interview from the last series of the season. I have four interviews to publish from my archives, and I’ll probably run them through all three sites to maximize my readership potential.

Finally, and foremost, I want to thank everyone who has stopped by, even if it was just once. These small websites can’t survive without your eyes, and it’s people like you who help keep journalism dreams alive. Thanks.

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