Free Agent Prediction Part 5 + A Recap

You get the idea. Here’s a recap, plus the last 10. I’ll update this as free agents sign, so I/we can get a feel for the accuracy, or perhaps more accurately, inaccuracy of my predictions. With Jim Thome signing with the Phillies in the meantime, my score will be out of 48 when the free agency period ends.

1B Albert Pujols – Angels
SS Jose Reyes – Giants
SP CC Sabathia – Yankees
1B Prince Fielder – Blue Jays
SP C.J. Wilson – Red Sox
OF Carlos Beltran – Red Sox
SS Jimmy Rollins – Tigers
SP Hiroki Kuroda – Japan
SP Roy Oswalt – Rangers
SP Edwin Jackson – Angels
DH David Ortiz – Mariners
3B Aramis Ramirez – Orioles
SP Mark Buehrle – Cardinals
OF Coco Crisp – Giants
OF Michael Cuddyer – Rockies
CL Jon Papelbon – Blue Jays
OF Josh Willingham – Indians
SP Javy Vazquez – Marlins/Retire
1B Carlos Pena – Indians
2B Kelly Johnson – Twins
CL Ryan Madson – Reds
OF Grady Sizemore – A’s
OF David DeJesus – Mariners
SP Erik Bedard – Phillies
CL Heath Bell -Padres
C Ramon Hernandez – Reds
SS Rafael Furcal – Brewers
SP Chris Capuano – Brewers
SS Clint Barmes – Astros
CL Francisco Rodriguez – Phillies
SP Paul Maholm – Mets
OF Jason Kubel – Rays
SP Freddy Garcia – Yankees
OF Cody Ross – Dodgers
2B Aaron Hill – Rockies
RP Darren Oliver – Rangers
SS Jamey Carroll – Mets
1B Casey Kotchman – Brewers
OF Johnny Damon – Red Sox
SP Jeff Francis – Twins

And now, today’s 10.

DH Jim Thome – Phillies
SS Ramon Santiago – Twins
SP Bartolo Colon – Mets
IF Nick Punto – Rays
CL Joe Nathan – Twins
2B Mark Ellis – Mets
SP Jason Marquis – Orioles
RP Frank Francisco – Reds
SP Bruce Chen – Red Sox
OF Andruw Jones –  Yankees


Thome to the Phightins is already done. The Twins need to add a shortstop, and will likely aim low. Colon and Punto are nothing but hunches, and at 41-50, there’s bound to be a bunch of those. Nathan to the Twins just makes sense to me, as I think they’ll give him enough cash to keep him around. Ellis to the Mets works if Tejada is going to play shortstop, and Marquis is nothing but a simple guess. Same goes for Francisco and Chen, with Jones simply re-upping with the Yankees.

Honestly, it feels pretty wishy-washy, but with so much going on at the top of the free agent market, it gets pretty murky here at the bottom of the so-called ‘top’ 50.

If you have thoughts, feel free to share them, or fill out your own list!

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