Free Agent Prediction Part 4

By now – if you’ve been reading – you probably know the drill. Today is the fourth of five of these.

Paul Maholm – Mets
Jason Kubel – Rays
Freddy Garcia – Yankees
Cody Ross – Dodgers
Aaron Hill – Rockies
Darren Oliver – Rangers
Jamey Carroll – Mets
Casey Kotchman – Brewers
Johnny Damon – Red Sox
Jeff Francis – Twins


This is definitely getting tougher. I like Maholm to fill out a Mets rotation that’s looking to get cheaper, but I’m certainly not feeling great about that prediction. I think the Rays will sign Kubel to a one-year deal, in which he’ll mash and go into free agency again in 2013 with a much better chance of scoring a multi-year, big time deal. I think Garcia has a good chance to return to the Yankees, and they’ll certainly need to fill that rotation out a bit while they wait for Dellin Betances and Manny Banuelos to fill out. Ross to the Dodgers only makes sense as a swingman type, because I think they still want to give Jerry Sands a chance out there. I think Hill to the Rockies would be a great move for him to rebuild his value, but I’m certainly not ultra confident about it.

As for the second half, I think the Rangers will bring back Oliver on a one year deal before he ultimately retires. Carroll could fill in the middle infield for a Mets team that certainly expects to lose Jose Reyes. Same thing can be said for Kotchman taking over for Fielder, but against that’s just a stab in the dark. I don’t think there’ll be much demand for Damon, so he’ll take a one year deal as a backup outfielder with the Sox, and I think the Twins will settle on (for?) Francis to fill out a rotation that needs help desperately.

What are your thoughts? I’m certainly not confident in any of these.

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