My Offseason Blueprint

Everyone else is doing one…..

Free Agents:
Joe Nathan – Re-sign two years, $16 million.
Matt Capps – Do not offer arbitration, only re-sign in January or later.
Michael Cuddyer – Offer arbitration, do not attempt to re-sign.
Jason Kubel – Offer arbitration, do not attempt to re-sign.

Outright off the 40-man:
P Jeff Gray
P Matt Maloney
P Scott Diamond
P Jim Hoey
P Jeff Manship
P Kyle Waldrop
P Esmerling Vasquez
C Drew Butera

Free Agency:
C Kelly Shoppach – two years, $5 million
2B Kelly Johnson – one year, $5 million
OF Josh Willingham – three years, $20 million
SP Jeff Francis – two years, $6 million
MR Michael Wuertz – one year, $1 million
SS Ronny Cedeno – one year, $750k
DH David Ortiz – one year, $8 million
CF Rick Ankiel – one year, $2 million
MR Mitch Stetter – minor league contract
IF Kevin Kouzmanoff – minor league contract
IF Yangervis Solarte – minor league contract

OF Ben Revere and 3B Danny Valencia to FLA for SP Ricky Nolasco
SP Carl Pavano to the Kansas City Royals for AA SS Jeff Bianchi.
SP Nick Blackburn to the Cleveland Indians for a PTBNL

Starting Lineup:
C – Joe Mauer ($23m)
1B – Justin Morneau ($14m)
2B – Kelly Johnson ($5m)
3B – Kevin Kouzmanoff ($0.5m)
SS – Alexi Casilla ($1.3m)
LF – Josh Willingham ($6.5m)
CF – Denard Span ($3m)
RF – Trevor Plouffe ($0.4m)
DH – David Ortiz ($8m)
Total: $61.7m

Batting Order:
1. Span CF
2. Mauer C
3. Willingham LF
4. Morneau 1B
5. Ortiz DH
6. Johnson 2B
7. Plouffe RF
8. Kouzmanoff 3B
9. Casilla SS

C- Kelly Shoppach ($2.5m)
IF – Luke Hughes ($0.4m)
IF – Ronny Cedeno ($0.75m)
OF – Rick Ankiel ($2.0m)
Total: $5.65m


1. Ricky Nolasco ($9m)
2. Scott Baker ($6.5m)
3. Francisco Liriano ($5.2m)
4. Jeff Francis ($3.0m)
5. Kevin Slowey ($2.7m)
Total: $26.4m

LR – Anthony Swarzak ($0.5m)
MR – Jose Mijares ($1m)
MR – Brian Duensing ($0.5m)
MR – Mitch Stetter ($0.5m)
MR – Michael Wuertz ($1.0m)
SU – Glen Perkins ($1.5m)
CL – Joe Nathan ($8m)
Total: $13.0m

Other Obligations:
IF Tsuyoshi Nishioka ($3m) – Triple-A

Immediate Triple-A Help:
1B Chris Parmelee
SP Liam Hendriks
MR Lester Oliveros
MR Alex Burnett

Payroll Total: $109.75m

Alright, here’s some (ir)rationale:

Much like Jesse over at Twinkie Town, I’ve gone pretty nuts with my blueprint here, which has absolutely 0 percent chance of ever happening. The offense is solid, and the bench is certainly deep enough (excellent defensively and has a little bit of pop) and has some help in Triple-A if need be. I think the rotation is boosted quite a bit by Nolasco, and in my view, Francis’ skill set would be terrific at Target Field. As for the bullpen, I tried to re-vamp it mostly on the cheap, and would love to hear your thoughts.

I’ve also left a number of 40-man roster spots open. I’m no 40-man genius, but I know a few guys have to be added this offseason to protect them from the Rule-5 draft, and I’d also like to be active in the Rule-5 if there’s a decent middle infielder or a raw, live arm available. Nobody’s expecting my club to be any good, so I could dedicate either Cedeno or Stetter’s roster spot to the draftee.

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  1. Chris Finstad says:

    Great plan, brosef. I think it’s pretty good plan. However, its going t0 take two years and double the money for Ortiz. Jeff Francis just seems to be more of the same. Pitch to contact pitchers. Plouffe isn’t that good. Would like to see a different option. Overall pretty good though.

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