Free Agent Prediction Part 3

Today is day three, and in a sense, the evaluation of the third tier of free agents. Again, feel free to leave your own predictions in the comments section! I’d love to hear them, and to hear whether you think I’m a complete idiot or just mostly dumb.

Ryan Madson – Reds
Grady Sizemore – A’s
David DeJesus – Mariners
Erik Bedard – Phillies
Heath Bell -Padres
Ramon Hernandez – Reds
Rafael Furcal – Brewers
Chris Capuano – Brewers
Clint Barmes – Astros
Francisco Rodriguez – Phillies


It’s really hard to say where closers will go this offseason.  I have Madson to the Reds because I think they still fancy themselves as contenders, and like I’ve said, closers are a luxury for contenders. After letting Cordero walk, Madson could be their guy. Sizemore to the A’s makes sense because Beane’s losing two outfielders to free agency, and it’s the kind of chance he seems willing to take on a hamstrung budget. DeJesus is a good fit for the Mariners in left field, which would allow Trayvon Robinson to not be pressed into full-time duty, and would allow the M’s not to see the Mike Carp show out there. Bedard to the Phillies makes sense to me because if they don’t re-sign Oswalt, he could be a good, and relatively cheap way to fill out that solid rotation. I have Bell going back to the Pads because I think he truly loves it there, and takes less to stick around.

I think the Reds bring back Hernandez against their better judgment; Baker loves him and probably doesn’t want Mesoraco up full-time just yet. He’d make an intriguing trade deadline candidate in 2012 in this scenario. Furcal to the Brewers only makes sense if the Crew do something to attempt to replace Fielder at first (say….Carlos Pena). Otherwise there’s no real reason to be active in free agency. Same goes for Capuano, whom I think goes back to where he made his name as a starter, and could be a good left-handed hurler to fill out that solid rotation. I think the Astros really want Barmes back badly, and will offer him something like $3 million per season to stick around, which probably isn’t a bad deal for either side. As for K-Rod, again I note that closers are impossible to predict, but if his value is down at all after a tumultuous yet productive time with the Mets (and Brewers), the Phillies would be wise to pounce here. I get that it doesn’t make sense to lose a closer and sign one, but I think K-Rod is an upgrade here.

Have any thoughts, comments, or questions?

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