BW Unpopular Opinion of the Day – Peyton Manning

Today’s unpopular opinion is in regards to what Mike Greenberg and Herm Edwards were discussing during the 9 AM ET hour on ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike” radio show today. Greenberg specifically was talking about how the Colts would have to consider trading Peyton Manning if they drafted Andrew Luck, which spurred me to say….

“Manning is completely and utterly untradeable. First, with the contract and the cap hit that would be incurred by the Colts – barring a restructuring by Manning – his deal would be immovable. Second of all, with the amount of influence Manning had on the Colts offense, there’s simply no way another team will give him that going forward at his age. This would leave an aging legend unhappy (with his likely role on a new team), and means he’s unlikely to sign off on a deal. I don’t think no-trade clauses exist in football – I’d have to check – but from a PR backlash standpoint, I don’t think the ownership would do that to Manning. Honestly, I think the organization would have to have Luck sit Aaron Rodgers-style rather than force out a future Hall of Famer.”

Your thoughts?

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