BW Unpopular Opinion of the Day – NFL Strength of Schedule

Today’s unpopular opinion is in regards to how I think the NFL should figure it’s strength of schedule:

“Ideally, I’d like to see the records as of the time the teams played, rather than entire season records.”

Full disclosure: The rest is half true, half hypothetical.

For instance, when the Titans started out poorly a few seasons back – as I recall, something like 0-6 – I think that if the Steelers played them twice that season, once early, and once late, the strength of schedule should reflect what the opponent’s record was at that point.

So, if the Steelers play the Titans in week 4 (at 0-3) and week 14 (at 6-7), the SoS should reflect a 6-10 mark, rather than a combined say, 14-18 (provided the Titans finished 7-9).

This would allow adequate weight to be placed upon facing a team that may be playing better or worse than they had at an earlier time in the season.

It’s not a perfect idea, but it’s also not a popular idea.

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