BW Unpopular Opinion of the Day – Twins’ Training Staff

Today’s unpopular opinion is in regards to whether or not the Twins’ training staff is largely to blame for the Twins injury woes this season.

“I literally hold the training staff blameless for this season’s injury problems.”

I think it was a culmination of bad luck and poor planning by the entire organization for the Twins to have such a bad 2011, but it’s hard for me to blame the training staff.

I’m sure I’ll get some heat for it, but after all, is that that what unpopular opinions are for?

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2 Responses to BW Unpopular Opinion of the Day – Twins’ Training Staff

  1. minus3db says:

    However, if the training staff is not to blame for the injuries, what is their job description? I agree, some amount of bad luck is to blame. Further, each player needs to take care of themselves.

    However, if Mauer truly had come in to camp not prepared, shouldn’t the training staff have figured that out? Or at least done a better job of fixing things when it became obvious in April?

    I do hold the training staff responsible for the injuries. Not 100%, but certainly they are to blame as well.

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