BW Unpopular Opinion of the Day – Glen Perkins

Today’s unpopular opinion is in regards to the back end of the Twins’ 2012 bullpen:

“If Joe Nathan is retained, it should be at a rate fitting of a free agent middle reliever, rather than a closer. Nathan should be setting up Glen Perkins in 2012.”

I like Nathan enough, but I think the Twins need to go a cheaper route with the bullpen this year – not cheaper than last season, but cheaper than what a free agent market might dictate – and by installing Perkins as the closer, the Twins set themselves up to save money on Nathan. If Nathan wants to close elsewhere – and he’s certainly earned the right – he can get a big contract elsewhere. The Twins can’t let loyalties tie them up when it comes to trying to build a winner in 2012, which I think they can do if the front office can use a little savvy and smarts when constructing this roster.

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3 Responses to BW Unpopular Opinion of the Day – Glen Perkins

  1. minus3 says:

    But, finances aside, who would be the better closer next year, Nathan or Perkins? I trust Joe a lot more in those situations.

    Thus, if Joe Nathan is back, then I see him as the closer.

    I do agree, though, that the Twins shouldn’t put a big payday for him and can use Perkins as the backup plan for closer.

  2. That’s the $64,000 question Darrel. One one hand, Nathan has to start his decline sooner rather than later. Is it wise to be proactive to skip that? I’m not sure.

    On the other hand, is there any reason to believe Perkins could have been an aberration? I don’t know the answer there, either.

    I know that teams like the Rays and the Padres thrive on building bullpens that cost less than Nathan has the past couple seasons, and I want to see the Twins start doing something of that nature. I’m not against keeping guys that thrive in your system, but I’d like to know why those teams can do it, while the Twins are ending up with the Phil Dumatrait’s of the world.

  3. kjmick says:

    I agree with not overpaying Nathan but I would rather bring him back so Perkins is free to be used in any late situations instead of restricted to just the 9th inning role. Now if Nathan wants closer money then agree we have to move on

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