BW Unpopular Opinion of the Day – Danny Valencia

Today’s unpopular opinion:

The Twins will trade Danny Valencia – and all those runs batted in – this offseason.

I honestly don’t think the organization is in love with Valencia, and may do well to deal him when third base depth is cripplingly bad league-wide. As a result, the Twins may still do well to unload Danny V. even when his value isn’t ultra-high, and then may sign a replacement free agent to man the hot corner, like Kevin Kouzmanoff. Defensively, that makes quite a bit of sense.

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3 Responses to BW Unpopular Opinion of the Day – Danny Valencia

  1. minus3 says:

    Is Kouzmanoff better defensively than Valencia at 3B? My view is that Kouz hasn’t been a great defender, but I am not looking at numbers.

    If the Twins trade Valencia, I would rather they focus on SS help and let Hughes/Plouffe battle for 3B. Signing a 3B just doesn’t seem to address the biggest concerns the Twins have, which are SP and defense up the middle.

  2. The “scouting” knock on Valencia is that he’s incredibly vulnerable to groundballs on the shortstop side of 3B.

    FanGraphs suggests that Kouzmanoff is a very good defensive 3B (FG loved Valencia last year but hated him this year), and I think is a good buy-low candidate (at least in the respect that Petco did hurt his numbers early in his career). I agree that help is needed on the other fronts you listed, but I think Kouzmanoff’s contract would do little to affect the team’s overhead (i.e. 1 year, 650k or something like that).

  3. minus3 says:

    a fair point, about Kouz not affecting the salary of the team much. Certainly, Kouz isn’t worse than Valencia. I suppose, if you can get a good trade match for Valencia, then it can work. However, I have a feeling several teams will be trying to make a low budget signing with Kouzmanoff and thus it may be tougher than we think to sign him.

    Bill Smith was quoted in the paper the other day saying that they Twins need to get Valencia help in the form of a SS with range. If that happened, would that not make Valencia acceptable? With Smith making this comment, it seems unlikely the Twins would trade Valencia.

    On a related note, I wonder why defensive metrics fluctuate? (i.e. FG loving Valencia and now not) Perhaps its a result of a lack of effort, perhaps its mental issues on the player, but I also wonder how much luck has to do with it. I don’t know the answer…

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