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As I’ve found in the year and a half since graduating from college – and with the writing that I’ve done in the meantime – when a fair number of eyes see your work, a lot of your opinions can be unpopular.

So I thought maybe a fun feature to have at would be “the BW Unpopular Opinion of the Day.” I like the person-to-person communication that can result from having differing opinions, and I want to foster that kind of environment here at Without further ado, the first “Unpopular Opinion of the Day”:

Donovan McNabb is NOT the Vikings biggest problem.

To be perfectly honest, I think McNabb pales in comparison to a poor offensive line and poor receiving corps.

Blast away, friends!

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2 Responses to BW Unpopular Opinion of the Day – Donovan McNabb

  1. Doug Hoffman says:

    I think Mcnab is one of many problems. Our offensive line is bad. It was our biggest problem last year. Favre would have done ok, but he was rushed almost every play. We need a deep threat. You have to throw deep more than once a game. A lot of times you get pass interference. At least it opens things up a bit. I would put that on coaching and play selection. There’s so much parody in the NFL with the salary cap. So, I think a lot of games are decided by coaching.

  2. Good points Doug. I can’t help but wonder how the offensive complexion would look if the Vikings had managed to sign Braylon Edwards, or even James Jones this offseason.

    Still, in my view, the problems begin and end with the offensive line.

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