Sound Bites From Game 162


“I’ve never been through it before – the process, the way it all works. Obviously, I have an idea. We’ll have to wait and see how this transpires.” – Michael Cuddyer on his impending free agency.

“I think so…it’s very rare. To have the “legacy” with an organization is important. It will definitely go into the though process, no question.” – Cuddyer on whether or not staying with one club is important.

“At least shortstop. I told Gardy at least shortstop. I don’t know if he’ll do it. I told him that yesterday. I looked at the lineup today and was hoping the 9 was flipped.” – Cuddyer on playing all nine positions in game 162.

“I don’t want to play catcher. I’ll do eight positions, but not nine!” – Cuddyer when asked if he’d put catcher’s gear on his clubhouse chair to suggest to Gardenhire that he’d catch.

“Come on! Just a couple pitches!” – Rene Rivera/Drew Butera trying to goad Cuddyer into trying his hand at catching.

“Like Thome!” – Various sportswriters chiming in to help Rivera and Butera’s case.

“*laughs* No, I’m not on Thome’s level. That guy’s a Hall of Famer.” – Cuddyer on why he’s not in Thome’s level, and thus meriting a cameo at a defensive position.

“We should be disappointed, but at the same time, we shouldn’t let that rain on the good moments that happened. There were plenty of them.” – Cuddyer on Liriano’s no-hitter, Nathan’s save record, and Thome’s 600th home run in an otherwise rough season.

“A year ago today, where I am now to where I was? It’s not even close.” – Morneau briefing writers on his progress.

“It’s not permanent….hopefully. The nerve has to regenerate from where it was damaged. (The doctor) said it could take a long time. He said up to an inch per month, so it could be a really long time…I’m not going to hold my breath until it does.” – Morneau on regaining feeling in his left index finger.

“It should be back to normal. The only thing I might add in earlier is that I’m thinking about mixing in Pilates just for flexibility and strength and core stuff.” – Morneau on his offseason conditioning program.

“It’ll be a long winter, but once we get down to Spring Training we’ll be champing at the bit.” – Morneau on erasing a largely lost season.

Post Game:

“I was excited to be in that position. We’d had some opportunities earlier in the game with runners in scoring position, and we didn’t capitalize on them. So, when I saw Denard get that hit, I knew I might have that chance. Like I was telling somebody else, anybody in our dugout would have traded places with me in a heartbeat. That’s kinda what it’s all about, being in situations and wanting to be there. I was the lucky guy to be up there at that time, and it’s just a good way to end, for sure.” – Trevor Plouffe on batting with the game on the line.

“It’s been a trying year for us. We’re not where we want to be…We want to end the season well, because we want to show the fans that we don’t give up. That’s what we did today. We look forward to working hard in the offseason to try turn this around.” – Plouffe

“I’m sure he probably would have tried to convince Gardy to go 10, to be honest with you.” – Plouffe on Pavano’s complete game effort.

“It was a good feeling. Like I said before the game started, coming back and playing the game that I played before was the highlight of my season, but tonight definitely was (the highlight). To come up and get the big hit like that was very important to me.” – Denard Span on doubling, and then scoring the winning run.

“Hopefully that’ll hold them over a little bit, and give them something to look forward to next year.” – Span on the comeback win, with Ben Revere interviewing him with the knob of a baseball bat.

“It was exciting to put together a rally. Obviously, when Denard got the pinch-hit double, that got the juices flowing. It was a lot of fun to have a walk-off win.” – Cuddyer following the walk-off win.

“You’re only as good as your last game, right? We’re batting 1.000 right now, 2-0 in our last two games.” – Cuddyer on positivity to end a rough season.

“It’s give (Denard) a nice lift going into the offseason. He’s going to feel good about himself, and he should.” – Cuddyer on Span.

“That’s not green when you throw those batteries in the trash can. I want to tell you that right now.” – Gardenhire chiding Lavelle E. Neal III on his disposal of recorder batteries.

“They’ve been behind us through thick and thin, and we haven’t given ’em a very good show this year. Again tonight they showed up, and they packed it, and they were standing on their feet at the end. That’s typical. You come to expect that around here. It sure makes you feel a little bit better going into the offseason.” – Gardenhire on the fans.

“He was doing a Jack Morris imitation on me, and we told him no. We wanted Nathan to get into the game one way or another. So, Nathan was going to go into the game. We honestly really wanted him out there on the mound. We almost took (Pavano) out with two outs, but he had two outs on two pitches in the ninth, so I said, “I don’t even think (Nathan) is ready.” But, we wanted to get Nathan in the ballgame, and we tried really hard to do that. So, Carl would not have been going back out there. But, he gave me the death stare.” – Gardenhire on whether or not Pavano would have gone 10 innings if the game dictated.

“He’s learned to listen through all this.” – Gardenhire telling writers that he told Span to get a double if he was going to pinch hit.

“It was actually an accident. I meant to go with handlebars. On this side, I had a ski accident five or six years ago where I hit a tree. So, it really doesn’t grow good over here. Like, really terrible. So, I ended up growing a mustache because I didn’t want to go totally bare. It’s kind of funny how it worked out right there. It was the first mustache I had all year. I tried everything else. I don’t even know what to say. Everyone wants to point to the ‘stache. I’m not that superstitious, but I was trying to have a little fun. We definitely had a some fun tonight winning the ballgame. So, whatever you gotta do. Maybe it will be back in spring training, I don’t know. The elusive mustache…” – Carl Pavano on why he broke the mustache out for the season finale.

“When I found out Denard wasn’t playing, I sent him a text. I wish I could show you. It has some R-rated stuff in it.” – Pavano on his disappointment that Span was unable to start the season finale.

“Not that I’m happy about losing 99, but it’s a lot better than a ****in’ hundred, to be honest with you.” – Pavano on whether not losing 100 was a relief.

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