Sound Bites From Last Night’s Game

“To be honest with you, I don’t remember ever seeing the ball this well at the plate.” – Chris Parmelee on his recent torrid streak.

“I know they say the (third time) is the charm, but I don’t think I’ll be trying it again.” – Ben Revere on a second inside-the-park home run attempt.

“I don’t even know if I hit a grand slam in high school, to be honest.” – Rene Tosoni attempting to recall the last grand slam he ever hit.

“We’re aware of it, but we haven’t really had discussions about (losing 100 games) as a team, or anything.” – Tosoni on the prospect of losing 100 games for the second time in Twins history.

“I gave the fans here everything I had and the coaching staff and the team everything I had this year. So I can hang my hat on that. I feel good about it.” – Anthony Swarzak summarizing his 2011 season.

“I’m a little shaken up; I’m not going to lie. I’m more pissed off that I didn’t catch the ball, though.” – Denard Span regarding running into the wall late in the game on a Johnny Giavotella fly ball.

“He’s put himself in a position to be there – whether it’s rotation or in the bullpen – next season.” – Ron Gardenhire regarding Swarzak.

“If I had an MVP vote, I’d go with Robinson Cano. That’s the one guy – with the bases loaded – that if he’s striding up to the plate, I’m not feeling too good about it.” – Gardenhire in response to a John Shipley question about his MVP vote.

Yesterday I appeared on the podcast shortly after the Twins game. That can be found here.

Seth was also kind enough to answer my tweet:

RT @brandonwarne52 SethTweets T/F Parmelee can replicate his AA numbers in the bigs in near future (2-3 years)?

True – I would agree with that. Parmelee has been very impressive in September, even hitting his fourth home run last night. But as I mentioned last week, I’ve been as impressed with his approach at the plate as the actual results. Although I do believe he needs another half-season in the minor leagues (and his first half-season in AAA), I do think that he has shown enough that the team can feel fine if they need to call him up early in the season as a replacement.

In addition to my column here yesterday, I had one appear at FanGraphs regarding 2012 AL Rookie of the Year Candidates, and one appear at UpperDeckReport regarding how I’d vote if I were a member of the BBWAA. Someday!

No high school football game for me this weekend, but if anyone wants to check out my broadcaster page, here it is.

Similarly, I’ve created an author’s page at UpperDeckReport, found here.

I’ll be headed to Target Field tonight to cover the season finale, so expect a similar write-up tomorrow. Have a good day everyone!

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