Anatomy of a Snarky Comment

As a person in eight fantasy leagues, I don’t suppose it’s all that unreasonable to lean upon the resources that are at my disposal. I have a decent working relationship – if you can call it that – with an industry expert, with whom I exchange fantasy ideas with on a semi-regular basis. I suppose it’s pretty much a one-sided affair; I don’t even think he’d acknowledge having spoken to me, but I’m OK with that. But this particular exchange left me a bit disillusioned.

A couple weeks ago, I asked this particular expert – he shall remain nameless, though with some research, you could find out pretty easily – if pulling Peyton Manning in the fourth round was a troublesome thing to have done. Now, two weeks later, that’s become apparent, and I’ve picked up Donovan McNabb to hopefully keep me out of the cellar. Nonetheless, this was the response I received:


Now I get the bit (and apologize for the formatting here); regardless of political views, that just seems like an odd comment to me. If fantasy football is what pays the bills, why would you make a comment like this? Wouldn’t that be akin to me, as a shipping clerk, say not to worry about whether or not your package gets there, but that you ought to worry if Ron Paul is president?

I guess I just don’t get it. I’d rather get no response than one like this, especially since this is what makes this particular person noteworthy.


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