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Happy Friday everyone.

My debut column at Fangraphs is up here. I didn’t mention Scott Baker as I’d envisioned, but I still think it turned out pretty good. On that note, hello to everyone visiting the site by clicking on my commenter profile from Fangraphs. Thanks for checking BW.com out!


To continue my “debut column” shtick, I recently penned a piece for Maury Brown’s terrific site “Biz of Baseball.” Check it out here if you wish. I can’t believe the Twins have had farmhands travel all the way across the world, and then some! 28,000 miles and change! It’s no doubt been quite a year.

My “Keeping Up With Former Twins” columns that you may well have read here at BW.com are up at Upper Deck Report here and here.

More importantly, the site has launched a podcast that features former Twin and World Series Champion Al Newman. The site would love to have more eyes and ears check it out, so if you’re interested, head on over to www.upperdeckreport.com!

My next post at Baseball Press is going to be whether or not I think Ichiro is done. Looking to post it up maybe in the next 2-3 days.

I’ll also have Q&A’s with Glen Perkins and hopefully Ben Revere in the near future. Those will show up at Upper Deck Report over the next two weeks, according to my current plans anyway.

Today’s BW.com approved YouTube video (the CM Punk Promo):

The next post to come on BW.com, hopefully within the next few days, will be catching up with some former Twins that are in the minor leagues. Haven’t quite broken it down yet, but I’ll wager that it’ll be a few part series on the International League, Pacific Coast League, etc.

Today’s Discussion Question:

Who is your Twins All Star, Scott Baker or Michael Cuddyer? Why?

Thanks for reading and have a great July 4th weekend.

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