Quick Hit: Kevin Slowey

Only have time for a quick hit, so how about this two-part question:

A. Assuming Kevin Slowey doesn’t suit up for the Twins again at the Major League level (thanks Bert), where do you think he ends up?

B. Where is the best fit for Slowey?

C. Is he going to be an adequate big league pitcher elsewhere?

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2 Responses to Quick Hit: Kevin Slowey

  1. To get the ball rolling, my takes:

    A. San Diego Padres. He fits in that park and that staff very well, I think.

    B. Any of San Diego, Seattle, or an outside shot could be the St. Louis Cardinals….all would be good fits for Mr. Slowey.

    C. He’ll probably be a 4.00 ERA guy in the AL, maybe 3.80 in the NL. Very useful, but not a star or anything. The Twins will not get good value for him, which is unfortunate.

  2. Matt Leifeld says:

    A) I think that he may end up on like the LA Angels, or quite possibly Arizona

    B) The best fit to me for Slowey would be any west coast team or any team with a pitchers ballpark because he tends to give up homeruns, and he’s not a power pitcher, so a pitcher’s ball park would be an excellent fit for him.

    C) If he ends up in a pitchers ball park I think he can keep his ERA down, and be around 3.50, however if he’s in a ballpark that is not that his ERA will rise to 4.00 or higher.

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