Vacationing in Minot, ND

Yeah, you read right; I’m accompanying my fiancee to a wedding that she’s standing in here in Minot, ND. I’ve been relegated to killing time in a Starbucks with spotty internet to work on my writing while she’s off galavanting with her old high school friends.

Actually, it’s pretty nice to get away from work, from home, from wedding plans, and everything that goes with residing in the Twin Cities.

Nonetheless, I bring to you a few of my rambling thoughts:

My Chuck James interview should be up at Upper Deck Report here in the near future. For anyone who is interested in listening back to the live interview, check it out here.

I’m thinking about doing some video blogging (vlogging, if you will) via YouTube. Serious concern: My ugly mug will chase people away.

Basically, I’m just waiting for my laptop to be 100% functional, because we also do that same sort of setup over at TwinsMVB, and since my laptop crapped out, I’ve been MIA.

Anyway, looking for comments on if people would watch/listen? I was thinking of maybe doing three subjects, maybe the big sports talkers of the day in either national sports or maybe just regionally.

It’s pretty cool to see Ricky Rubio officially coming over. I like to think he has the mindset that his time in Spain is over and that his game has stagnated there, and that he has a lot to gain in the NBA, even if he’s in Minneapolis rather than in a huge market.

On a semi-related note, I’m not sure what to make of the Sidney Rice situation. I get that he wants to maximize his contract at this time, but when’s his value going to be higher? Now, after a pretty rough season, or after this season, in which he can finally prove that he’s healthy and ready to dominate. I trust in his skill-set, but it just seems to me that his insistence on testing the free agent market might suggest that he doesn’t think he can meet or eclipse the numbers he posted with Brett Favre two seasons ago. I’d personally sign a good deal for one year if I were Rice, and I’m thinking that might happen. Hopefully it’s with the Vikings.

Today’s music video of the day, which is arguably my favorite song ever:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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