Let’s Catch Up A Little

Been awhile since I’ve posted; let’s not let this get too stale.

My Trevor Plouffe Q&A over at Upper Deck Report is the most read column over the past two days. Thanks to those of you who have read it, and if you haven’t, it can be seen here.

Just after Harmon Killebrew’s passing, Rod Simons of GameOn! asked me to do four short video shots to commemorate the legendary slugger. Each of them were used coming in or out of breaks on the show that aired last Sunday, which can be seen here. I never got to meet the Killer, but I feel fortunate to even cheer for the fanbase that is associated with him. As Mr. Plouffe said, as good as he was on the field, he was just as good off it.

In an effort to provoke some more comments in the comment section, let’s give you the reader a chance the answer the following question:

Which was the more egregious error in the Twins offseason….

A. Re-signing Pavano and forgoing Type-A compensation.
B. Handing J.J. Hardy to the Orioles for a song.

My buddy over at Baseball Prospectus, Mr. Larry Granillo, deserves huge props for his take on the Cousins-Sabean-Posey love triangle, which can be read here.

Speaking of Baseball Prospectus, prospect guru Kevin Goldstein has an outstanding mock draft that’s up (and FREE) here. I’ve done minimal research on Winkler (the Twins’ projected selection), but he looks like he grew a lot from his freshman to sophomore seasons. He misses a fair number of bats, but I don’t know how his stuff will project from TCU to the MLB. Of course, who really does? KG, that’s who.

Ricky Rubio is coming! Ricky Rubio is coming!


The Metro Knights extended their modest win streak to two games with a 9-2 drubbing of the White Bear Township club Thursday night. The game featured a nine-run first inning in which the Township lefty was chased after a mere 1/3 of an inning. The Knights managed nary a run, and perhaps only a hit or two after that, but it didn’t matter much. The 2-0 record for the Knights exceeds the club’s conference win total the past two seasons combined, so there’s no doubt a good amount of potential with this club. Keep up with all the action at www.metroknightsbaseball.com if you’re interested!

At Baseball Press we do a weekly links column, which for this week can be found here.  I submitted the columns on Bartolo Colon’s medical procedure and Will Carroll’s take on Buster Posey. Enjoy!

Well, that’s it for this early-Saturday edition of BW.com. Plans in the works right now are to get out to Target Field and interview Chuck James on the next homestand, a column suggesting to buy low on Dan Uggla for Baseball Press, and to wrap up my AL Central Edition of up-and-comers for Upper Deck Report with those of the Royals.


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2 Responses to Let’s Catch Up A Little

  1. Glenn says:

    I think getting rid of Hardy for a bag of balls was dumb. He’s what, 30? Batting 270 with some homers. I don’t know about his other stats, the more in-depth stuff that you probably know of. But, I would of stuck with him and definitely would have dumped Pavano. As a Yankee fan, well … you know how I feel about him 🙂

  2. Ben Antal says:

    It’s definitely the Pavano signing. No one expected Casilla to be the worst middle infielder in baseball and Nishie to get injured right away. Lots of people did project Pavano to have the numbers that he has so far. To me, one was foreseeable and one was not.

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