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Well, I promised to break down Liriano’s no-hitter for everyone, so here you have it….I’ve submitted it for publishing over at GameOn! on my Brandon on Baseball blog page. It should be up late tomorrow morning over on my blog page.

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The Twins optioned catcher STEVE HOLM (for those who don’t get the meme, see Arrested Development and Steve Holt) to Rochester and promoted Rene Rivera. This strikes me as a lateral move, considering Rivera’s .583 OPS down in Rochester, as well as his career minor-league OPS of .689. Does this signal that Joe Mauer is no closer to returning than he was two weeks ago? I don’t think so, but it seems like a curious move one way or the other. I openly guessed on my Facebook and Twitter pages that the Twins were going to trade for Ramon Hernandez. That wouldn’t be a horrible move, considering he’s hitting well in Cincinnati and Mauer may need more off days the rest of the season once he’s healthy, but in retrospect, that might be a difficult deal to swing if the Reds value Hernandez as highly as I suspect they do.

The other moves the Twins made in the last few days involved promoting outfielder Ben Revere and shortstop Trevor Plouffe from Triple-A. An interesting notion might be that the club could allow Revere to stick in left field, with Cuddyer moving to second base and Delmon Young shifting to right field. If Revere hits like he can (think Denard Span clone, maybe a little less pop), he could be a real asset out of the two-spot in the lineup. As for Plouffe, well, it’ll be nice to get his bat in the lineup, and in all honesty, his defense can’t be much of a step back from Alexi Casilla, whom I believe should take over the primary utility role. He seems to excel there, at least relatively speaking.

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